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Service Learning Components

All students will have the opportunity to engage in at least one service-learning opportunity to draw upon the knowledge acquired from the didactic sessions and apply their skills through direct contact with patients and the community. Based on service-learning principles, each service-learning component is accompanied by a reflection to generate an interactive discussion that allows students the chance to be part of planning, problem-solving, and sharing of best practices. Service-learning components correspond to one or more of these Four Critical Components to the “HIV Continuum of Care.”


SERVICE NAME: Interprofessional Community Outreach

CONTINUUM FOCUS:Outreach, Testing and Linkage to Care

  • Preparing the Future (PTF) HIV 101 Workshop*
  • Preparing the FutureTesting Training

DESCRIPTION: In conjunction with credited academic coursework, students will apply new skills to engage directly with clients in community and health-care settings disproportionately impacted by HIV. Students will work to provide to a range of services to include HIV education, HIV testing and linkage to care services, support for individuals newly diagnosed with HIV or individuals who are diagnosed and not currently receiving HIV care. Specific Implementation activities vary by discipline. Students will implement HIV testing and linkage to care in their identified setting under the supervision and ongoing mentorship of the JACQUES Initiative staff working to promote HIV awareness and testing and provide active referrals for services to clients as needed. Students will devise strategies to implement services at each respective site, work with JACQUES Initiative staff to problem-solve, increase efficiency and develop good practices for overall implementation of HIV testing and linkage to care services. Settings may include Community ? A Walgreen?s Pharmacy, Community and Public Health nursing practicum sites, School of Dentistry?s Dental Clinic and other community-based sites.

SERVICE NAME: The JACQUES Initiative’s PTF Clinic

CONTINUUM FOCUS:Early Treatment, Retention & Adherence

  • Preparing the Future (PTF) HIV 101 Workshop  
  • Written permission of PTF Faculty and PTF Coordinator  

DESCRIPTION: A multi-disciplinary environment for emerging professionals to engage in a continuum of care to address the medical and psychosocial needs of people living with HIV. Participants will engage with JI’s multi-disciplinary team to provide the early intervention services under the direct mentorship of JACQUES Initiative staff. JI Service teams include departments of Primary Medical Care, Case Management & Mental Health, Treatment Adherence, and Legal Advice and Services. In this service option there is an emphasis on the “Team Approach” to a focus on multiple layers of team communication and interaction to provide optimal patient-centered care delivery. Team pre-clinic conferences included.

SERVICE NAME: Program Planning & Evaluation

CONTINUUM FOCUS: Full Continuum of Care & Service Delivery
SERVICE LEARNING TYPE: *Practicum Experience,Extra-curricular

  • Preparing the Future (PTF) HIV 101 Workshop 
  • Written permission of Academic Faculty and PTF Coordinator* 

DESCRIPTION: Participate in various aspects of service delivery under the mentorship of JI staff. Develop and implement projects, learn more about the programmatic process and improve service delivery through mutually agreed upon scopes of work that correspond to one or more aspects of the continuum of care.Implementation activities may include:

  • Leadership in HIV Summit Planning Committee – Multi-disciplinary committee made up of faculty, students, clinicians and technical experts to plan and implement a campus-wide event to educate, empower and engage the University of Maryland to address the HIV epidemic in their discipline, practice and engagement in the community.
  • World AIDS Day Planning Committee – Multi-disciplinary committee of students from six professional disciplines that plan and implement a week of World AIDS Day activities to include film, art, lecture and HIV testing and linkage to care at the University of Maryland.
  • City Uprising HIV Outreach Day Planning Committee – Assist in planning this city-wide, faith-based event that engages over 500 volunteers per year and reaches hundreds of Baltimore’s citizens for HIV testing, linkage to care and other health services provided by the University of Maryland Baltimore students and faculty.
  • Program Evaluation – Develop data monitoring tools, input and clean quantitative and qualitative data from the PTF program.

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