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Preparing the Future


Through funding from Gilead Sciences’ HIV FOCUS program, the JACQUES Initiative (JI) at the Institute of Human Virology of the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine launched the Preparing the Future (PTF) program to mobilize an academic campus, its clinical programs and surrounding community to address the goals of the National HIV and AIDS Strategy (NHAS).

Preparing the Future aims to lay the foundation for routine HIV testing and linkage to care at the University of Maryland’s professional campus through an interprofessional approach and close the significant gaps in the continuum of care for HIV. This work concurrently creates infrastructure to address chronic disease and other public health crises for greater impact in urban centers across the country.

The PTF Educational Program

The PTF Educational Program integrates curricular content for health and service-delivery professionals that directly address the goals of the National HIV and AIDS Strategy (NHAS). Interprofessional workshops and hands-on learning opportunities educate, empower and engage students on the multiple entry-points to achieve optimal diagnosis, care and treatment for people living with HIV. If you are a current or emerging health or service-delivery professional, learn more about our courses now.

The PTF Clinical Program

The PTF Clinical Program implements a six-step process to organizational change to incorporate processes for routine HIV and Hepatitis C testing and linkage to care in health care settings. Through partnership with the JACQUES Initiative, current health professionals are empowered to offer HIV and Hepatitis C testing with linkages to specialty care and supportive services. Our trained Linkage to Care Navigators provide direct support to the health care team and patients to maximize successful linkage to services through a patient-centered approach.

A comprehensive approach to routine HIV testing and linkage to care at the University of Maryland. (video)

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