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Patient Referral

HIV Specialty Care

For clients who require HIV specialty care but who already have a primary care provider, please call the University of Maryland Center for Infectious Diseases at 410-225-8369 to request an appointment. We will also refer these clients to both education and engagement with our Support Program, unless you or the client desires otherwise.


The Education track of the JACQUES Initiative is recommended for all patients considering HAART, those newly diagnosed, or re-engaging into medical care. Topics included at our HIV 101 workshop include f epidemiology, eliminated stigma, role and important of HIV testing, transmission, comorbidities, life cycle of HIV, treatment, side effects, healthy living, resistance, and living well with HIV. Clients will receive a certificate of completion. To register your patient email the patient's and doctor’s name to

You may also call 410-225-8828 to register a client.

Education and Engagement

The Education and Engagement track is recommended for clients who are being considered for HAART as naïve to therapy or wilth a history of poor adherence. This process will begin with our HIV 101 course and a screening visit in our adherence clinic within 1 week to survey the client’s barrier to adherence. Next steps are to connect the client with a community of support and hope, and tailor a plan to the medical providers preference and needs of the patient. All of the available services of the JACQUES Initiative can be accessed by patients in this track.

To register your clients for education and engagement email, and include the patient’s name, doctor’s name, services recommended for the client, preferences of HAART regimen, if any, and any pertinent adherence information (1-2 sentences). You may also call 410-225-8828 to register a client.

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