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Treatment Support Program

The treatment support program is designed to overcome the barriers to optimizing HIV treatment in the urban setting by providing on-site strategies of preparation, treatment, support and development for our clients to achieve the challenging task of taking HIV medication for a lifetime. This program consists of uniquely designed, longitudinal treatment interventions customized for each individual person to result in sustained viral control.


Our staff is committed to life beyond viral suppression. Our understanding of wellness leads us to invest time, insight, and resources to support our clients into new endeavors in their life. This may include pursuing healthy relationships, returning to school or completing a more advanced degree, employment, or volunteerism. In many cases, clients are developed into advocates and supporters of others; therefore helping someone else in their Journey to Wellness.


Patients and their support systems are provided education about HIV statistics, transmission factors, how the virus works, medication options, drug resistance, and strategies for living well. Then, specific and personalized treatment plans are developed based on a patient’s needs and abilities that involves their participation and ownership of their health care.


Our comprehensive wellness plans are designed to be continually refined as a client achieves their goals or encounters difficulty. These plans involve the patient, adherence experts, peer advocates, case management, and primary medical providers.


All of our clients are paired with treatment coaches, some of whom are living well with HIV, and assist their clients in achieving the goals of their wellness plans. Our integrated pharmacy provides on-site packaging, refills, and dosing of all medication in a safe place either on a daily or weekly basis. Many of our clients transition to taking their medication on their own as well. This support model evaluates medication adherence and client wellness on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis through meetings and electronic communication in order to assist our clients with their goals.

Treatment Adherence Center

The JACQUES Initiative Treatment Adherence Center (TAC) provides adherence support for over 300 individuals each month. The TAC provides clients with pre-filled weekly pillboxes to include HIV medications and all other chronic medications the patient is currently prescribed to, including anti-hypertensive, diabetic and anti-depressants medications. Through this system, the model not only facilitates living well with HIV but other chronic illnesses as well. The TAC staff provide directly observed therapy (DOT) for patients in need of our highest level of support.

The JACQUES Initiative has experienced a commendable retention rate with 90% of our clients virally suppressed (as of September 2016). Moreover, many clients maintain the integrity of the initial treatment option through our ability to interrupt therapy promptly in cases of severe relapse for mental health or substance abuse thereby avoiding the accumulation of resistance

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