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Linkage to Care Center & Linkage to Care Plus (LTC+)

725 W. Lombard St
5th floor, Rm S502
Baltimore, MD 21201

Services provided at University of Maryland Medical Center:

  • Hospital-based routine testing for HIV and HCV
  • Connection to HIV and/or HCV Outpatient care for medical and psycho-social needs
  • Assistance with client’s immediate needs for shelter, transportation, food, etc.

Linkage to Care Plus (LTC+)

Transitional Care for people living with HIV

Services offered include all the above plus:

  • Transitioning clients safely from hospital to home
  • Link/transition to outpatient care
  • Help avoid re-hospitalization or other illness
  • Education in, access and use of resources
  • Peer Support – “meeting people where they are”

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