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About the JACQUES Initiative


The mission of the JACQUES Initiative (JI) is to change lives, engage communities and support health systems affected by HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV).


The JACQUES Initiative envisions:

  • Healthy citizens of Baltimore, free of HIV and HCV stigma and overcoming health disparities.
  • Engaged communities, educated, aware and accessing the resources available to them to live free of or live well with HIV and HCV.
  • Supported health care systems, pursuing a seamless HIV and HCV continuum of care, overcoming gaps in services through collaboration with partners who complement them.


Our strategy is to facilitate greater access to HIV and HCV care by implementing transformation of individual, institutional and community-based education and supportive services. We achieve our mission by leading individuals, their families and supporters, and communities of the City of Baltimore on a Journey to Wellness. Our strategy aligns with the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the Action Plan for the Prevention, Care, & Treatment of Viral Hepatitis.

We create personalized solutions for continuum of care obstacles that affect individuals, communities and health care systems.


JI engages clients, their families and supporters through information, awareness, access to health care resources and personalized support on each individual’s Journey to Wellness.

  • Meets clients where they are in order to provide education, prevention, linkage to health care and supportive services.
  • Provides individuals at risk for HIV and HCV with prevention, education and risk-reduction strategies.
  • Provides linkage to care for HIV and/or HCV treatment, and direct access or referrals for other medical and psychosocial needs.
  • Provides screening in unique and varied locations to increase self-empowerment and access to health services.
  • Provides support services, counseling and emotional support to clients based on their individual needs and self-identified strengths and barriers.
  • Provides “safe places” where clients feel comfortable and are able to engage and remain involved in their own care and success.


JI takes an "organic" approach of meeting the community where they are, by creating and partnering to offer “safe places” to educate, empower and engage the citizens of Baltimore.

  • Serves communities disproportionately affected by HIV, HCV and other health disparities, with a purposeful geographic focus on West Baltimore.
  • Partners with community-based organizations, faith-based entities and community organizers to design and implement programs that meet each specific needs.
  • Works with racial, ethnic and gender minority leaders to assure unbiased delivery and access to our services.
  • Educates pre-practice health and service-delivery professionals to ultimately deliver interprofessional, culturally competent HIV and HCV prevention, screening, care and supportive services.
  • Educates and supports community-based volunteers to serve their local community and provides on the ground supervision at community-based events.

Health Systems:

JI partners with individual health care systems to develop and continuously improve approaches to patient-centered care that contains costs and maximizes population health.

  • Initiates, implements and supports routine HIV and HCV testing and linkage programs in communities and health care institutions.
  • Coordinates with clinical staff to identify and navigate clients who are lost to follow up beyond the health care system’s capacity to re-engage.
  • Develops peer support networks to improve individual disease self-management and motivation for wellness.
  • Establishes patient development programs assure adherence and long-term engagement with the health care system.
  • Trains and supports health care personnel to address the HIV and HCV continuum of care in acute care, ambulatory settings and in the community.

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