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Nikki Akparewa
Nurse Coordinator, Linkage to Care Plus

Working with the JACQUES Initiative is such a joy. We are a community of professionals from all walks of life striving to reduce the stigma of HIV. I do my very best to help our clients know that we support them from first encounter until they are connected to care.

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Ayobami Awe
Community Outreach Worker

I started out as an intern with JACQUES and I learned a lot about the World of HIV and Hep-C. The JACQUES Initiative cares about the community which they cater to, and that is why I am here--to continue helping the community the best I can.

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Alicia Aydlett
Community Health Worker II/ Mental Health Navigator

I work at the JACQUES Initiative because of the diligence, compassion, and humility displayed by the JACQUES team on a daily basis, that’s poured out in innovative ways to help change the lives of the population we serve.


Kathy Bennett
Outreach Worker II/Treatment Coach

To help those broken and lost and can't see beyond being HIV positive. I've gone through what they are going through, and have been blessed to be where I am today. It's my turn to be a blessing to those who are struggling with their diagnosis. Working here at the JACQUES Initiative enables me to let people know there is life beyond HIV.

Amber Braswell
HIV Testing / Linkage to Care

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Travis L. Brown, MHA, MBA
Program Manager, Data & Reporting

To serve as a leader in the HIV/HCV field and change the lives of those infected and affected by HIV/HCV. My primary focus is to provide routine testing and linkage to care high-risk populations.

David Callahan
Community Outreach Worker

Provide comprehensive services to clients infected and affected with HIV.

Rhonda Carr
Community Outreach Worker, Prevention, Education & Community Outreach Programs

 I started working in this field in 2012 because I wanted to make a difference with my community, to show my passion for others and to help them with the resources that were not available to me when I was growing up. I have seen so much with my friends and family losing lives. I vowed never to let one more person I love die because of lack of knowledge. I feel I owe this to my community and myself.

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Delores Carter
Community Outreach Worker I


Gene Chance
Community Liaison and Outreach Trainer

I want to help people and make a difference in their lives.

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Nicole Edwards
Community Outreach Worker 1

I started volunteering in 2009 with a purpose to serving and educating those who are effected and affected with HIV. I am fully committed to making a difference and empowering people for the future. This program helped me and I want to do the same for others. 


Liz Ellis
Administrative Coordinator and Community Outreach Worker

I love the community JACQUES Initiative serves and being part of an organization that is making a difference in people's lives.


Massiel Garcia
Linkage to Care Navigator, Community Outreach Coordinator

The reason I work at the JACQUES Initiative is because the program is staffed with people who are fully committed and engaged in the mission and the vision. I’m passionate about social justice and public health; at the JACQUES Initiative there is a level of intersectionality that makes for a very fulfilling work environment.


Alkema Jackson
Administrative Assistant, Linkage to Care Plus

My role in the JACQUES Initiative is to support the Linkage to Care Plus team with daily operations. Being able to collaborate with their efforts to provide care and advocacy for high risk patients, allows me to operate in my passion for serving people. The JACQUES Initiative is also a platform for me to use my experience in addressing the HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. population with knowledgeable, heartwarming, and professional customer service.


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Hernan Luduena Segre MS
Program Manager, Routine HIV & HCV Testing and Linkage to Care


Lisa Langer

To do my small part to hopefully bring some hope, support, respect and happiness to the people of Baltimore that we serve in our pharmacy.

Jamie L. Mignano, RN, MSN, MPH, PhD
Executive Director

Working at the JACQUES Initiative gives me the chance to help increase access to HIV care and reduce health disparities for persons infected and affected by HIV. I am motivated by the opportunity to impact the health of underserved communities in Baltimore and beyond.


Curtis J. Mitchell Sr.
Treatment Coach

I work at JI because it affords me the opportunities to become a servant and advocate to the HIV/AIDS population in Baltimore.

Marik Moen, RN, MSN, MPH, APRN
Nurse Coordinator, Linkage to Care Plus / Asst. Prof. University of Maryland School of Nursing

I started work at the JACQUES Initiative because of the mission and the philosophy of the organization, the staff, and the awesome opportunity to be a part of our patients' lives.

Vernette Neely
Pharmacy Technician

I have been working for the University of Maryland Outpatient Pharmacy for 16 years. and was offered a position here at the JACQUES Initiative Pharmacy. Although the challenges are a little different here, I still enjoy taking care of patients and making sure they get what they need as far as their health is concerned. I really love what I do and plan on being a part of JACQUES for many more years to come.

Evelyn Nicholson
Community Outreach Worker

My work involves testing, education and connecting those who are HIV positive to medical care and appropriate services. HIV is a disease that still needs to be addressed by the community and my passion is educating because that helps lead to prevention. I love helping people and started volunteering in 2013, which led to my current job.

Jess Obayan, MSW
Program Specialist, Education and Support Services

I joined the JACQUES Initiative to support the work it does to address the health disparities that continue to exist within black and LGBTQ+ communities. I believe that ending HIV requires making significant investments in communities that have been historically oppressed. In my role as Program Specialist for Education and Support Services, I coordinate programming with a goal of narrowing the health equity gap in Baltimore.

Alexandra "Allie" Reitz, BS
Program Manager, HIV & Hep-C Prevention, Education & Community Outreach Programs

I work at the JACQUES Initiative because I believe in its cause and its capacity to make both revolutionary and evolutionary changes in the Baltimore community. I am blessed to be a part of the JACQUES Initiative!

Shawday Robinson
Treatment Coach

I work at the JACQUES Initiative because it fulfills my need to help people. I've had my share of hardships and I would like to show proof that there is life after struggle. Believing in that, not only heals others, but is self-healing.

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Monique Shelton
Community Outreach Worker I

Jerrell Smith
Linkage to Care Navigator

I work for the JACQUES Initiative because I want see the end of the HIV epidemic. I also love helping people and seeing them get into care and get better. We all have a part to play in this and this is how I choose to fight

Dawn Snowden

Dawn Snowden
Corrections Outreach Specialist

I work for the JACQUES Initiative because I believe in the mission to improve access to treatment, care and support, to do away with the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS and to show patients that life goes on after a diagnosis. I’m here to be of service to all I encounter. #ZEROnewHIVinfections


Kelley A. Stewart
Adherence Program Specialist

I work at the JACQUES Initiative to fulfill my purpose, which is to help people. I believe that if I am able to reach ONE person and that person reaches one person, then we are that much closer to eradicating HIV. I am confident that we can become a society of ZERO new HIV infections, and I am determined to do my part to get us there.


Lisa Ware, B.A., Human Services Administration, CSC-AD
Program Management Specialist

My journey with the JACQUES Initiative began in the year 2013 when I became a volunteer through fellowship and serving coffee at the JACQUES Café. It was then I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization that gives great care to our brothers and sisters who are infected with HIV/AIDS and other problems that affect their lives. I have such a genuine passion for this work. It is not just employment; it is a service that I truly embrace.



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