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HIV/AIDS Education


HIV Myths

  • You can get infected by kissing.
  • You can get HIV from sharing plates and eating utensils.
  • You can get HIV from living in the same house as someone with HIV.
  • Only certain people get HIV.

All of the statements above are FALSE. Unfortunately, in the community many people believe a lot of myths about how HIV is spread. What will happen to you if you learn you are HIV positive? What will happen once you start taking medicine? There are far too many rumors and myths for us to be able to get rid of all of them at this time.

So where can someone go to learn about HIV?

Free Monthly Classes

At the JACQUES Initiative, we provide a free monthly educational class. They are facilitated by a medical provider and those living well with HIV.

Who should attend these classes?

Everyone. Patients, family members, doctors, nurses, social workers, friends and anyone wanting a better understanding of HIV should attend.


725 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, Maryland - 1st floor conference room


Third Friday of each month at 10am


Free!!! Call to register at (410) 706-0162. Walk-ins are welcome.

HIV Information Online:

Additional Online Resources: