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Mental Health Services

The JACQUES Initiative provides on-site mental health services to our clients. Our approach follows the strategy for the Journey to Wellness.

Engage: All medical clients receive baseline screening of mental health that may prompt a recommendation for an initial mental health assessment. This assessment is also offered at a client’s request.

Prepare: Our approach to mental health begins first with counseling and psychotherapy. We believe that medication can be helpful, but we do not treat mental health only with pills.

Treatment and Support: Ongoing psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management provided by a psychiatrist and licensed clinical social workers are offered as appropriate in coordination with our primary medical providers and case management. Our treatment coaches and integrated pharmacy also support clients in their mental health endeavors through emotional support, medical adherence, and personal empowerment.

Develop: Clients are trained and encouraged to lead support groups and refer friends and contacts into the mental health program. They become peer advocates and understand their value in one another’s well-being and health.

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