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Primary Medical Care Services

The JACQUES Initiative primary care program was initiated in 2008 and is the first in our country to employ a unique treatment adherence model into its care delivery model for urban settings. Family and friends are actively engaged into care. 

primary care clinic

The JACQUES Initiative provides comprehensive primary medical care to HIV positive men and women that includes onsite Case Management, Mental Health and Treatment Support services as well as referrals for Substance Abuse and Housing. Our model emphasizes the importance of a team approach thus we have multiple layers of communication which include:

  • Daily “No Show List” to the entire JI staff for daily or weekly observed therapy clients who do not pick up their medicine on a scheduled day
  • Weekly Team Meetings that involve the Medical Provider, Medical Assistant & Case Manager
  • Monthly Multidisciplinary Treatment Adherence Meetings that involve the Treatment Coaches (staff who are living well with HIV), Pharmacist and Adherence medical staff
  • Monthly Multidisciplinary Clinical Meetings that involve the Medical Providers, Treatment Coaches, Case Managers, Mental Health Provider, Medical Assistants, Nurses and front desk personnel. 

The above listed staff represents the minimum attendance requirements for each meeting. Staff often attends multiple meetings. 

Patient Satisfaction

“I am very satisfied with the staff at JI! Thanks for working with me via email, for Dr. Sowah allowing me to walk in, for the reminders and gentle pushes, and medical evaluation. Great switch for me!”  

primary care1
“This is like my second home and I love them all like family.”  

primary care2
“Everything about JACQUES I love. It is always a pleasure because the atmosphere is always positive and loving. Thank you.”  

Connect 2 Care Clinic

Any newly diagnosed or “out of care” HIV positive individual can access the JACQUES Initiative Connect 2 Care Clinic everyday by appointment or as a walk in. In the Connect 2 Care clinic, clients are:

  1. scheduled a medical appointment at the location of their choice;
  2. given the opportunity to speak with someone who is living well with HIV; and
  3. if the individual chooses to receive care at the JACQUES Initiative, he/she will have initial lab work drawn and be greeted by his/her medical team.

How Are We Successful?


Highly successful with assisting our difficult to reach patient population achieve and maintain viral suppression.


Once patients enter care at the JACQUES Initiative, they stay connected! Very few patients are lost to follow up.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients are asked to rate their satisfaction after every appointment and consistently patients report 98% - 100% satisfaction!

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