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Support Groups

Patient Check Up

You're not alone. It's one of the most important things to keep in mind as you adjust to the fact that you're living with HIV. And thanks to the Internet, it's more true today than it's ever been.

Nobody should face an HIV diagnosis all by themselves. So, whatever your reservations, make sure you connect with a community of HIV-positive people. It's a key step towards solving both the emotional and practical problems of living with HIV.

The Support System at the JACQUES Initiative

  • Support groups: in which you regularly meet and talk with other HIV+ individuals
  • Counseling: for mental health issues or substance abuse
  • Case managers: can help coordinate the mental and physical care you need, and get you connected with government assistance (such as Medicaid, disability insurance and help paying for medications)
  • Classes or workshops: on topics such as learning more about HIV, taking your HIV meds properly, nutrition, fitness and other important issues
  • HIV prevention counseling: includes free condoms and discussions about how to protect yourself from other sexually transmitted diseases while also ensuring you don't pass HIV to others
  • Retreats: connecting with other HIV-positive people, can be a challenge, especially if you live in remote areas or work full time. One little-known option is to go on an HIV retreat. Some are even free or low cost, others have scholarships. They range from carefree holidays to educational weekends.
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Support Groups

The JACQUES Initiative program provides multiple support groups for the infected and affected HIV community at our 725 West Lombard Street location.

Support Group Flyer 

The JACQUES Initiative
The Wednesday Support Group
Wednesday's 10:30a - 12p
Kathy Bennett 410-706-0165

HIV 101 Workshops
Every 3rd Friday
10a - 1p

JACQUES Men's 50+ Support Group
1st Wednesday of the Month
Curtis Mitchell 410-706-6363

Consumer Advisory Board (CAB)
4th Friday of the Month
11am- Noon
Liz Ellis 410-706-6817

Brother 2 Brother
2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Colin Sutton 410-856-3882
*For the Same Gender Loving Men

What Now
Addictions & Support Group
Wednesdays 12:30p-1:30p
Curtis 410-706-6363
David 410-706-2804

Forces United Seeking Improvement On Negativity
2nd Tuesday of the Month
Cierra 410-706-2334
*Young Adults

Women Involved In Life Learning From Other Women
Fridays 5p-7p
Judith Shaw 410-706-1715